Australasian Maritime Limited
Australasian Maritime Limited
PO Box 5163, Dunedin, Otago, 9058, New Zealand
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Originating from Western Australian Shipyards, MOC boast over 30 years’ experience in the international commercial shipbuilding industry.

Today we maintain our high standard and quality whilst understanding the need to manufacture in the most economical w a y. We continue to construct quality, high performance commercial and governmental vessels for markets across the globe.

We are well-known for our unique bespoke design philosophy;

We take pride in this and make sure the same reliability and craftsmanship is applied to all ships we deliver.

MOC Shipyards has exported its shipbuilding experience and expertise by establishing a new shipyard in South Asia, employing a combination of expat and national skilled labour.

MOC Shipyards is committed to providing our clients high quality products and pride ourselves in providing the first class service that our clients deserve.

MOC specialise in landing craft, cargo, work vessels and passenger transportation ships all designed by Australian Marine Technology.

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MOC Shipyards ANZAC 3108 2024 31m Australia
MOC Shipyards 38m Crew Security vessel 2024 38m New Zealand
MOC Shipyards 17.0 Multi Tug 2024 17m New Zealand
MOC Shipyards 25M Shallow Draft Multipurpose Landing Craft 2024 25m Australia
MOC Shipyards ANZAC 2407 Crew Utility Boat 2024 23.80m Australia
10m Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger 2024 10m Australia
MOC Shipyards 30 m Landing Craft Whitsunday 2021 30.25m Australia
30m Catamaran Ferry 270 PAX 2024 30m Australia
MOC Shipyards ANZAC 1809 2024 18.75m Australia
MOC Shipyards Oceania Series 40m Super Yacht 2024 40m New Zealand
MOC Shipyards High Speed 40m 300 Passenger Ferry 2024 40m New Zealand
MOC Shipyards 9m Harbour Support 2024 9m New Zealand
MOC Shipyards 42 m x 304 PAX LCT 2024 42m New Zealand
MOC Shipyards 34m Landing Craft Lord Howe 2024 34m Australia
30m Cargo Landing Craft *New build* 2024 30m Australia
MOC Shipyards 45m Cargo Passenger Landing Craft 2024 45m Australia
MOC Shipyards 20m Shallow draft Landing Craft 2024 20m Australia
MOC Shipyards 25m 52 PAX New build Landing Craft 2024 25m Australia
MOC Shipyards 25m Shallow draft Landing Craft 2024 25m Australia
MOC Shipyards 39m 48 PAX Landing Craft 2024 39m New Zealand
MOC Shipyards ANZAC 3609 Utility / Security Vessel 2024 36m New Zealand
MOC Shipyards 7.0 RIB 2024 7.40m Australia
MOC Shipyards Modular Floating Helideck Pontoon 2024 24m New Zealand

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